Betingelsene for frihet og opplysning

Tenzin Wangpos second visit to Stavanger was based on giving teachings on the 7 points of mind training

The core system of practice for Bodhi Path centers is the Seven Points of Mind Training (Tibetan: Lojong).
The foundation of Mind Training is calm-abiding meditation (Tibetan: shiné, Sanskrit: shamatha) which helps develop mental peace, stability, and focus.
With a calm mind comes the ability to practice insight meditation (Tibetan: lhaktong, Sanskrit: vipasyana), which involves analysis of mind's true nature.
Through these practices of calm-abiding and insight we can remove the veils of ignorance and confusion which prevent us from experiencing the peace and clarity that is already present within our minds.

What is mind training?
"It is how we transform our self cherizing mind into the mind of wisdom and compassion which we call enlightenment" Lama Jampa Thaye

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